Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sushi su

Good 'international' cuisine can be hard to find in Italy especially since the Italians are so proud of their own. But, once and awhile you can stumble on something really great. Sushi Su located just outside the city wall of Padovais real traditional japanese. Although the menu is not as extensive as what you'd find in restaurant in New York, or Japan for that matter, there are mainly items worth trying. Sushi and Sashimi plates, tuna or salmon tartar. Traditional miso or kani (crab) soup (tastes just like what we had in Kyoto) for cooler nights... or even hot ones, like we did since we were there in only last week. Not one for raw fish? They have Terriyaki and Tempura. We orderd plates from the later. Perfectly fried spring rolls, tempura-ed veggies, scampi and lobster. Everything was moist, tender and absolutly deliscious. Of course with all of this we needed something equally as good but nothing that would have over powered the delicateness of the fish. Whites naturally where our choice, three in total, two were from our ever reliable Jermann from the the hills of Fruili; Sauvignon Blanc and il Vinae, the second being a blend of Ribolla, Reisling and Malvasia. The wine list/menu is actually quite good, including some sake of course, and layed out newspaper style on transparent paper. But thats not the only design notable. The restaurant itself is quite interesting with lowered tables, green doors, dangling ropes and odd-shaped walls. Located on the second floor (su meaning up in italian) and therefor giving its name, it has a sister restautant called Sushi Gu (or down in Italian) and a few others located all within driving ditance. If ever in Italy and in need of an anti-italian fix.... go to sushi su.

Volevo soffermarmi ancora una volta sulla cucina giapponese. A Padova esiste un'ottimo ristorante giapponese chiamato Sushi Su , situato in via Giordano Bruno 42 tel 0498809285, molto divertente il nome in quanto gioca sulla situazione che al piano terra c'è una pizzeria e al piano superiore c'è per l'appunto il Sushi Su.
I piatti sono alquanto deliziosi e oserai leggeri come da tradizione del sol levante.
Iniziando con un mega piatto di sushi e sashimi per poi continuare con una zuppa d'alghe o di Kani che sarebbe il granchio (ottima senza ombra di dubbio). Il finale sconvolgente con una tempura di verdure, aragosta e gamberi.
I vini che sono stai prescelti erano in sequenza un ottimo Sauvignon Blanc e il Vinae(uvaggio di Ribolla e una piccola percentuale di Riesling e Malvasia) entrambi dell'Azienda vinicola di Silvio Jermann.
La lista dei vini è piacevole ed interessante ma dovrebbe essere presentata staccata dal menù di servizio.
Il locale dimenticavo offre anche un design minimalista .
Da provare.


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