Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pedro Ximenez Osborne 17%

Americans in general are not as big on desert wines as say Italy, and tend to drink more alcoholic drinks like Cognac or Rum after dinner. But for those of us who don't have the stomach for such strong drinks there are many other choices.
A Sherry called Pedro Ximenez was our drink of choice one night out in Manhattan at a little tapas bar called Tierra on Seventh Ave. Pedro Ximenez, the sweetest of all sherrys, is made usually from about 90% of the same named grape and is mostly unknown to non-winos. With 17% alcohol the taste and color is somewhat similar to that of a Port wine, but a bit sweeter and without the tannins. The particular brand we had was by Osborne, a well known company who makes all types of sherrys. This PX was a mix of three grapes, Palomino (the main grape in all other sherrys), Muscadel and of course Pedro Ximenez. A deep ruby red with a high consistancy, it was intense and persistant with hints of red berries. Mature prunes, cinnamon, cloves, liquorish and vanilla. Sweet on the tongue but not overly so, soft and definatly alcoholic. It did however lack on the freshness and sapidity. The small glass cost $10, while the bottle in a store near us cost $13. In NY that isnt that bad. Do I dare say I miss Italy?
Vote 79/100

In un locale chiamato Tierra in Seventh Avenue South a Manhattam NYC ho provato un delizioso vino da dessert lo Sherry Pedro Ximenez Osborne. Lo Sherry è un vino particolare infatti arriva facilmente sui 17° di alcool, prende il nome dalla città Jerez de la Frontera nella Spagna meridionale. E' formato pricipalmente da tre uve Palomino,Pedro Ximenez e Muscadel. Però quello che ho assaggiato era il Pedro Ximenex in purezza. Il suo colore rubino profondo, dalla consistenza molto importante tanto quanto la sua intensità e oserei dire anche la sua complessità. I profumi ricordano la prugna matura, la cannella, i chiodi di garofano, la liquirizia dolce, la vaniglia; in bocca è dolce ma non stucchevole morbidissimo alcolico sicuramente. Manca però di sapidità e di freschezza.
La persistenza è lunga. Al bicchiere costa 10$.Una bottiglia al supermercato attorno ai 13$.
Voto 79.

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