Monday, January 19, 2009

Cannonau di Sardegna Perda Rubia 14.5°

Sardegna. An relatively unknown island, a bit smaller than that of Sicily, hanging out in the middle of the mediterranean to the west of Italy; is the topic of our next wines. Its rugged terrain, beautiful beaches and endless amounts of sheep; bring many to its coasts to live the good life- if only for a week or two. Our friend Nadine was one of these lucky people to go to the vast Island, even if most of her time was spent inside working. She did however dine on maiolino and gnocchetti and most importantly, brought back some local wines for her closest friends. Sardegna has many indigenous grapes, the most famous being the Cannonau. Known most recently for its health reasons (its high quantity of antioxidents have been named in the reason that many residents of the island live longer than anywhere else in the world) Cannonau is a relative to Grenache in France, Garnacha in Spain and Tocai Rosso in the Veneto of Italy. Perda Rubia DOC by Azienda Agraria is an amazing view of what the best wines of this type can be. Typically transparent, a ruby red color with granite highlights and thick, potent legs (it is after all 14.5% in alcohol) the beautifully intense aromas bring out everything a Cannonau should be- black cherries, plums, roses, balsamic, asphalt and alcohol. Easy to drink, it was intense, warm, persistant salty, fresh, velvety and well rounded. Light on the tannins, which is normal for the grape I couldnt have enough. Paired with two equally wonderful cheeses- a Paladin Bavarian Blue from Germany- which for those like me who dont care for blue cheese this is a must try, you'll change your view! and a Renero Pecorine Stagionato from Italy. I preferred this wine more than Paolo but my other guests shared my love.
Vote: 93/100

Con due amici americani durante una di queste sere newyorkesi piene di freddo e neve abbiamo aperto una bottiglia di Cannonau che ci ha fatto scaldare gli animi. Il Perda Rubia dell'Azienda Agraria Perdarubia, sulla costa orientale della Sardegna, è un vino fatto dal contadino alla vecchia maniera rispettando i tempi di invecchiamento che vogliono dire esperienza e armonia con la natura. Trasparente dal colore rubino con riflessi leggeri di granato, consistente il contenuto. Al naso mi ricorda l'asfalto, balsamico, more, prugna ed etereo. In bocca è caldo intenso e persistente, sapido (dal suolo granitico), abbastanza fresco, una discreta tannicità vellutata. Abbastanza equilibrato. Difficile probabilmante da trovare in quanto è stato comprato in una enoteca di Cagliari. Ma cercatelo per favore! Una realtà italiana di cui ne sono fiero. L'abbiamo abbinato ad un pecorino toscano di media stagionatura. Il tutto delizioso. Voto 82/100


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