Sunday, May 16, 2010

Try new and hard to find Prosecco!

Recently we went to a wine fair for Presecco which recently became a new DOCG (thats the highest class of wine and a big deal for winemakers.) There were at least 40 different producers, which doesnt even represent half of the vineyards out there who make prosecco. When we asked them if they exported to America, many said yes. When we asked where to, what restaurant or wine store, many said that their wine was hard to sell because it was too expensive (most of there wines sold in wine stores for around $11. We found that to be really surprising especially since Prosecco is a big trend right now in the States. So we decided to check out some places in NY and see what we can find. The result: the same 4 producers and here and there a random other brand. The problem, these same 4 producers are the largest vineyards in Prosecco and Im sorry to say some of the worst. Because their yield is so large, they can afford to sell their wine at a lower price than the others- and this goes for most vineyards not just in Prosecco. Most people will buy the cheaper brand not realizing that for a dollar or two more the quality is that much greater. Trying a variety of brands is important to realize the difference in taste and quality, and I really think that we as consumers need to get out there and spend the extra dollar if we are going to learn anything about wine. After all, we spend the money on dining out, nice clothes, homes and cars; why cant we do it with wine? A difference between $8 and $11 is not really going to effect out bank accounts that much, but it will make you smile! Some of our pics for great Prosecco are:
Col Vetoraz
Foss Marai
Le Colture
Casa Bianche/Tenuta Col Sandago


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